Once Upon A Time In Anderlecht is een project onder het 'sociale' luik van Slash Prod, een professioneel netwerk van Europese freelancers rond digitale communicatie.

Het project heeft de financiƫle steun van het Fonds Alain De Pauw, beheerd door de Koning Boudewijnstichting.

A number of partners from civil society has joined the initiative already.
Are you joining as well?

Angelika Mlinar, member of the European Parliament, gave her support to the project showing how contagious smartphone videomaking can be!

The Fine Arts Academy of Anderlecht has participated in the project with a group of students, as well as the no-profit organisations Beldeenstorm and Maks.

Also the Museum of Belgian Resistance and the no profit association Boutique Culturelle have joined the initiative.

Would you like to join us? The more we are, the more stories of this tiny part of the planet we will be able to share!

Isn't it fun? Of course, it is.