The SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE helps you make better videos with your smartphone.

For this is how the SMART revolution started.

A Smartphone Videomaking Manifesto


Smart Videos has designed a very slim and practical 30-page guide for smartphone video-making beginners.
You can download it here for free.

Give it a read, download any app for video-editing, and start your career as a little smartphone video-maker.
Remember: nothing can stop you from joining the SMART revolution!

Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker
Click here to download it for free!

Make a SMART video


After getting the basics from the manual, it is time to learn by doing, which is - by the way - the best way to learn video-making.
In the example on the left, you will see a very short video that presents the School of the Future in a very simple visual, made of a few shots, some description, and a nice music.

Ready? Give it a try!

Exercise I

Make a simple animation using pictures

Videos are simple moving pictures. So, the easiest way to start is by mixing together some pics like in Exercise 1.
The goal is to get some practice with one of the many existing apps for video-editing, whether you are on an Android or an iOs environemnt.

Try to sync the change of image with any music: apps for video-editing are great, but you need to get used to both all their possibilities and constraints: believe us, it is definitely worth it!

Exercise II

Split the same scene into more angles

Once you know how to handle simple files, such as pictures, it will be much easier to go on with something less predictable, such as a video file.
In this example, you can practice with one of the most basic and powerful features of video-making: the reproduction of the same action from different angles.

Cuts are extremely important in video-making for a number of reasons: one of these is that the amount of cuts determines the rhytme of a clip.
Exercise 2 shows a very simple example, but you can apply variations of the same principle for the rest of your life!


Tell us a story

After getting a bit of training, it is time to try to do something that might sound simple, but it is not, not even after tens of years of experience as a video-maker: videos deliver messages and do that by telling a story.
No matter if you are a brand new smartphone videomaker or the greatest director in Hollywood, the message must be the simplest possible, the story the most engaging ever.

And who is going to be the judge of your effort?
Whoever knows the least about you, your message, your story.
After watching your video, are they falling asleep? Are they willing to commit suicide? Did they make a trivial comment, such as "aaah, niiiiiice (whatever)!".
Well, stay strong: there is still some work to do...

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