Who is the Partisan?
Who is friend? Who is enemy?

In chapter 1, The Public Coz has just discovered smartphone videomaking, when he suddenly realises that someone has broken his heart.

Lacking any Virgil or Charon, he has no choice but leaving his hometown to try to find himself again on the mountains.

Will this war-trip, a reminescence of Vladimir Lenin's exile, be pure hell or the dawn of a revolution?

Episode 2 of memories

August 2016. A love story ends. The Public Coz [TPC] decides to reach the mountains between Italy and Austria.
He takes Carl Schmitt's "Theory of the Partisan" with him.

The events take place between the 8th and the 14th of August 2016: TPC documents each day's events with his smartphone.

He spends each night editing, reading, and wondering.
In doing so, he fails to learn anything at all from the beauty that surrounds him.

Episode 3 of courage

TPC spends 5 days on the Alpes and Dolomites of the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where his grandfather was born, before moving to Libia and giving birth to the Senior Coz.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia is the most eastern part of the north of Italy. It shares a long history of commerce, cultural exchange, and blood with Slovenia and Austria, the mittel-european empire of which FVG has been part for long, pretty much until the end of World War I.

After suffering a painful earthquake in the 70ies, it reaches a status of relative economic wealth thanks to small and medium enterprises, before many of them start shutting down and going East to delocalize.

Episode 4 of trust

TPC filmed these episodes with a Samsung S6 and edited them with the video-making app "Vivavideo" (available for free, both on Google and Apple store).
A light tripod and a lens for smartphone, which left TPC pretty disappointed, composed the rest of the equipment.

TPC filmed each episode - without any other people's help - during the day, edited at night, and exported the final result on the following morning, less than 24h after that those events had actually taken place.

Chapter 1 - full EN-IT subtitles

The Public Coz, a nice guy with a punk-rocker past, has two passions in life: video-making and politics.

He believes that the wide access to creative technologies can and has to support democratic participation and since he has found out that smartphones can provide him with a professional video-editing tool, he cannot wait to make some noise.

At the end of summer 2016, he will launch the SMART revolution.