Who is the Partisan?
Who is friend? Who is enemy?

In chapter 3, a guide finally appears to enlighten the partisan's dark path.

It's the Senior Coz, in the role of Saint Peter, who takes the place of Beatrice and leads the partisan to salvation.

The Public Coz can finally turn into The Rocket Coz.

Episode 1 of angels

August 2018. The Rocket Coz [TRC] decides to reach the mountains between Italy and Austria once again.
This time is not alone, though.

More than anything, he needs more than a guardian angel.

He needs someone with the necessary moral structure to open up the doors of paradise to him.
And this is how Saint Peter jumps in.

Episode 2 of music

TRC immediately feels a different vibe in the air of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

His trekking ambitions are soon frustrated by Saint Peter's stubborn attitude.

The saint is not even impressed by the totally unexpected music performance, in which they end up participating on the Alpi Giulie, very closed to the border between Italy and Slovenia.

Episode 3 of water

TRC starts wondering what Saint Peter wants from him.

He tought he was the friend, but the saint keeps an unreadable silence, and forces the youngster to look for answers by the holy water of the Italian nation.

Episode 4 of houses

The message, which Saint Peter has to deliver to the Rocket Coz, remains ambiguous, but these days together have started shaping some form of teaching in the mind of the once youngster.

One thing he knows for sure: there is no more need for hell for the partisan.

Episode 5 of identity

Why must we stay where we don't belong?
Open the door, open the door for me now.

Finally Saint Peter - like any Tyler Durden - forces the Rocket Coz to become aware of whom he really is and challenges him to solve the problem of anarchy.

Episode 6 of bridges

So this is the end of the journey of the partisan.
The world of today is sinking.
People are not listening.

Back home, there is a new world and new bridges to build, a world of love, 'cause love is all we need.