Who is the Partisan?
Who is friend? Who is enemy?

In chapter 2, The Public Coz is ready to put an end to the war, which he had experienced the previous year.

After losing a friend, he starts wondering if this is the kind of person, who would really suit his revolutionary ambitions.

Being a great fan of Werner Herzog, he decides to reach the same mountains and to start looking for his Klaus Kinsky, Herzog's best enemy.

Chapter 2 full

August 2017. A monologue between TPC and his candidate at best enemy. Is the spirit of Werner Herzog participating in the adventure?

Like in Dante's Divine Comedy, the intermediary chapter about purgatory is pretty boring and only serves the purpose to bridge hell and paradise.
No wonder why even the Catholic church has abolished it.

A spectre is haunting Europe trailer

October 2017. One hundred years after the Soviet Revolution, TPC launches the second chapter of his trilogy online getting inspired not only by the failure of the Communist utopia, but most importantly by Rocky Balboa's trip to Russia.