Who is the Partisan?
Who is friend? Who is enemy?

The Partisan is a webseries about
/ man + nature
/ politics + technology
/ war + that crazy little thing called love.

Chapter 1 Trailer

August 2016 - After his heart got broken, The Public Coz [TPC] goes looking for memories of his family on the Alpes between Italy and Austria.

Chapter 2 Trailer

August 2017 - TPC is back. And this time, he is looking for an enemy. After being at war the previous year, he meditates about an armistice.

The Partisan on CIAK

December 2016 - The first chapter of the trilogy receives general indifference, but also a bit of critical acclaim.

It all started...

2014-2017 - At the origins of the project, which will then evolve into Smart Videos, there is an initiative of social inclusion via media literacy in the suburbs of Brussels.